Les Voiles De Saint Tropez

Les Voiles de Saint Tropez

Formerly known as La Nioulargue, Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez was born of a challenge between two passionate sailors. Jean Laurain (owner of a Ikra of 12m) made a bad with Dick Jason (owner of a Swan 44). They challenged each other for a race between Saint-Tropez and the restaurant Club 55 at Pampelonne. The turning mark was set at La Nioulargue and so was the name of the race. The Ikra did beat the Swan and Patrice de Colmont, the restaurant’s owner at Club 55 served the price. A lunch at Club 55. 

Saint Tropez Yachting promoThe Club 55 Cup and La Nioulargue regatta were born. Due to an accident in 1995, whereby two yachts rammed each other, the race was canceled until 1999. The race got a new name “Les Voiles”, and the yachts returned with the motto to play fair and save. This year will be the 15th edition of Les Voiles de Saint Tropez! Best described in the words of lesvoilesdesaint-tropez.fr:

“Three hundred yachts will be on the water for an ‘haute couture’ procession, gathering together nearly a century and a half of naval architecture and maritime genius. On show will be the most beautiful boats, the greatest sailors and the most unexpected crews, who come together in their love of beautiful yachts – ancient and modern alike – and delight at seeing them being sailed superbly in an atmosphere of fair play and conviviality. Such has been the vision of ‘made in Saint Tropez’ yachting every year since 1999.”

We are looking forward to being there! It is thé yachting festival. The most beautiful wooden, steel and carbon hulls will be at display for all to see in Port du Saint Tropez. This unique display of yachts is the start of the last race of the season. You can not miss being seen here. The stars of the waters, movies and everywhere else will come together to enjoy this last gathering of the summer season.

So come join us from 28 september to 6 october for this final race of the year! Just imagine yourself in the Port de Saint Tropez. The cool breeze, the sound of flapping sails. Your friends are there, because everybody is there. And maybe you even are on your own boat, sailing along the race. Or just as a water sports enthusiast, which we all are. You are amongst your fellows in Saint Tropez for the entire week.

“We’re delighted at the return of the classic ‘stars’ of Les Voiles, steeped in the most incredible histories. These include the huge Bermudan sloop Cambria, the large gaff-rig cutters Mariquita and Moonbeam, the 15m J Mariska, the hundred-year old Marigold and Partridge, amounting to a hundred Classic yachts already, their bronze and varnish gleaming.” –  lesvoilesdesaint-tropez.fr

The most classic and large yachts are part of the Rolex Trophy, which takes place for it’s eight time and is one of the main events of Les Voiles. But don’t forget to go to some of the side events such as the Sardine Festival or go for a drink at Hotel Sube with a gorgeous sea view. Maybe you are able to get that first row seat at Cafe Paris in Port du Saint Tropez! We know for sure we will try to!

If you wish to participate in or view the race from the waters please contact us to see which yacht charters are available. But be fast! 

We hope to see you in Saint Tropez!

iBrokers Travels Team,