Constructive criticism from a St Tropez lover!

Unusual sincerity from a businessman and lover of St Tropez:

During the past 18 years of living and doing business in St. Tropez, I’ve often looked on with sorrow at how this delightful village was changing.

In recent years I’ve seen the most change in the mentality of the locals and quality of the businesses. All because St. Tropez was becoming more and more popular and much busier.

However, as other luxury resorts in Europe have developed, a lot more competition has come along. Ibiza and Mykonos, for example, now suffer from the same problems that developed in St Tropez. Their beaches, restaurants and clubs are crowded, and property prices have increased in a very short time.


The positive effect of this is that as other destinations have become popular, it has become fun again to go on holiday to St Tropez, and in order to compete, our local businesses are forced to deliver the same high quality to their customers as they would get elsewhere in other resorts around the world.

On top of this, the landscape and the surroundings of St. Tropez will always win the competition. The Côte d’Azur has so much to offer. Look at Monaco, Cannes and the tranquil villages of Ramatuelle, Gassin and Grimaud which are close by and unrivalled anywhere. Traditional venues like Club 55, Les Caves du Roy and inviting restaurants like La Tropezina, Salins and Cafe de Paris are always a must to visit as they consistently deliver good quality.

St Tropez has always been a trendsetter, copied all over the world. Nikki Beach St Tropez is a great example, but also Bagatelle, which now has the allure of what was formerly La Voile Rouge.

Saint Tropez never sits still and always bounces back to accommodate the enthusiasts and lovers of this village. And of course the international jet set will always stay put. Every year there are new initiatives such as Le Tiggr and L’Opera and this year, no doubt, brand new restaurants and clubs will be opening.
Because of this, there is more on offer, and nowadays our restaurants and clubs are just “nice and busy” instead of experiencing the irritation of having to wait in long lines.

The property business also has a lot of competition from the other jet set resorts. We, at Saint Tropez Villas, advise our owners to always keep this in mind.
The level of quality on offer should be high, but the prices also need to be adapted to supply and demand. In previous years we have adjusted prices accordingly and we always strive to conform to the market. This of course results in interesting discussions with both buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants!

I believe 2017 will be the turning point, making St. Tropez the destination of choice again. Other resorts may be very popular but they don’t have the capacity and can’t handle the crowds any longer. St. Tropez, on the beautiful French Riviera, will always be a reliable and established holiday destination.

Many villa prices have been adjusted to the present market and I predict that the coming year will be the time to purchase the perfect villa and say goodbye to the overcrowded resorts and enjoy St. Tropez, because St Tropez is back!

We wish you a happy and healthy 2017!

Best regards,

Nikolaj van Veen
Managing Director