Club 55 Saint-Tropez; over 50 years the hottest place in town

Saint-Tropez is a trendy place to visit for many years now. Every year many people return and new visitors experience the typical St.Tropez vibes. On a typical summer day, many people leave their luxury Saint-Tropez villas to explore the local beach life. New beach clubs and restaurants open up every year. Le Club 55, the first beach club ever in St-Tropez, still attracts many visitors. The one-way-street is filth with the most extraordinary cars, waiting famous and local guests to enter the popular club.

Whether you come here to lounge and to be seen, or a more modest simple lunch, the club offers a huge variety of price tags and food. Everybody wants the best spot on the beach and Brigitte Bardot’s favorite spot in Saint-Tropez still is incredibly hot.

You want to be close to the place where it’s all hot & happening over 50 years? has a great variety of luxury villas in the center of Saint-Tropez, close to the Plage de Pampelonne boulevard, so you can enjoy Club55 from a walking distance.

Check the website for special events and contact details.



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